Do any of these sound like you?

  • You’re a high achieving woman ready for change
  • You feel unsettled at work
  • You’re overwhelmed and constantly feel behind
  • You feel stuck, but you can’t quite articulate what you really want
  • You feel like you should be grateful for everything you have, but you know something is missing
  • You’re tired – not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • You’ve lost connection to yourself, to the woman you really are

If so, I can help! I coach women in these exact situations.

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Now imagine….

  • Having enough time for all the important things in life
  • Saying no with confidence the next time someone asks you to volunteer for yet another project
  • Sitting outside reading a book without feeling guilty
  • Feeling good on Sunday night about starting a new week
  • Know what YOU want – not what your boss, parents, spouse, kids, or 25-year-old self wants, but YOU, right now, at this point in your life
  • Feeling like what you’re doing is enough. Feeling like YOU ARE ENOUGH

You deserve to have a life you love!

Here’s the truth – Nothing changes unless you do. As a kid you have built-in mentors and teachers that help you grow, but as an adult you have to seek them out on your own. Coaching will help you dig deeper and create change faster than you could alone. You are worth investing in!

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What else should you know?

  • I believe in high-touch, personalized coaching. I will show up for you every step of the way.
  • I am equal parts woo-woo and strategy. I will help you tap into your true inner voice and get reconnected with your truth – and then create a plan to execute on that vision.
  • Coaching is not about fixing you – it’s about recognizing how brilliant you already are and bringing that forward.
  • I’m stubborn about working with people that aren’t willing to do the work. There is no quick fix to changing your life. The women with the best results put in the work. I promise to be 100% committed to you as long as you are committed to showing up for yourself.

When women recognize their brilliance and step into their potential, amazing things happen – in their lives and in the world as a whole. It’s time to bring out your full, colorful, brilliant, beautiful self. You know she’s ready to make an appearance!

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Client Results and Testimonials:

My clients have learned to say no so they can slow down, enjoy life, and get the important work done – and they don’t feel guilty about it! After coaching they trust themselves and have tools to manage doubt so they can get out of their own way. They’ve gained the confidence to change industries or entire career paths. They know what they want and are pursuing their career and life ON PURPOSE. Past clients have said:

  • “You’ve been the solution to my problem. I needed someone to talk through things and peel back the layers. You’re so good at asking questions I’ve never asked myself – and I really needed to ask myself these questions.” – Jessica
  • “Heather helped me find the answers and get the strength to seek them out.  Neither one of us knew where they were or what they were, but she guided me in a gentle way AND supported me in the process when it was super scary and I was full of doubt and fear.  And she helped me find the strength to question that fear and replace it with something else that made me feel empowered instead of scared. It was a journey of discovery. Actually life changing in many ways.” – Nikki
  • “I learned that being intentional in how you think TRULY determines the direction that you will go. Business or otherwise if you aren’t making conscious choices to maintain your “peace of mind” and not live in the negativity, life will be full of what you don’t want.” – Jasmine

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