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Do you ever….

  • Hold onto something because it isn’t perfect
  • Look around at a meeting and wonder if you’re qualified to be there
  • Dismiss your success
  • Downplay your achievements
  • Question if you have the skills or experience
  • Ruminate on one tiny thing that went wrong
  • Wonder if you can be successful at another company
  • Feel like a fraud – like you’re a kid in a room full of real adults
  • Think to yourself, “Who am I to quit my job, go for that promotion, share my big idea, open a business, or start a non-profit?”

The voices inside our heads are relentless! And women experience twice as many of these fraudy thoughts as men. Twice as many!

We have a million ways to hold ourselves back from the career we really want. But there is hope! You can get control of the doubting voices, learn to move forward even when you are afraid, and live up to your own potential.


Now imagine…

  • Quitting your job knowing you have what it takes to go for the career you really want.
  • Walking into a presentation trusting you’re going to kill it.
  • Sitting in a meeting with top leaders believing you belong there.
  • Sharing your bold ideas because you know they are valuable. Because you know YOU are valuable.

If you’re ready to reclaim your confidence and step into the career you desire, let’s talk. Click here to schedule your free exploration call.

Heather’s clients have said:

  • Thank you for encouraging me to go out of my bubble. I probably would have been stuck how I was. This has helped me so much. I can see and I can feel the difference in me. The confidence in everything has been because we talked about it. You’ve helped me in different ways with different strategies and I don’t think I would have done that without you.
  • I feel more empowered. Less timid. I needed that little push to know that there’s more of me that I can experience. Those fears are just fears. They can’t control my way of thinking or the way I feel about things. 
  • Heather will be your secret weapon in life, allowing you to soar to new heights in your personal and professional career.