Work With Me

Do you ever hear a voice saying…

  • I don’t have the right skills.
  • I don’t have the experience.
  • I’m not ready.
  • It’s not perfect yet.
  • Who am I to quit my job, go for that promotion, share my big idea, open a business, or start a non-profit? What if I try and fail?

The voices inside our heads are relentless! And women experience twice as many of these fraudy thoughts as men. Twice as many!


Now imagine…

  • Quitting your job knowing you have what it takes to go for the career you really want.
  • Walking into a presentation trusting you’re going to kill it.
  • Sitting in a meeting with top leaders believing you belong there.
  • Sharing your bold ideas because you know they are valuable. Because you know YOU are valuable.

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