Keynote and Workshops

With 10+ years of experience in training and development, I know how to make keynotes interactive and practical. No death by PowerPoint here! Participants will be challenged to think in new ways and will walk away with concrete actions to implement.

Sessions are 30-90 minutes and are ideal for a networking event, employee resource group, or professional development workshop.


Create a career with purpose and on purpose

Are you ready for your next opportunity, but unsure of the right step? Make your next career move the right one by listening to your inner voice, figuring out what is important to YOU NOW, and unearthing what makes you amazing.

Why we love our fear – and what to do about it

Do I know enough? What if I fail? Do I really belong here? You can call it imposter syndrome, fraudy feelings, or the inner critic, but it really all boils down to one thing – fear. Instead of trying to ignore those voices, what if we sat down to discover what we love about our fear? Gain insights about how your fears serve you and strategies to let go of self-doubt holding you back from living the life you want.

Take your impact to the next level

Increase the impact of the work you are already doing thought aligning your skills, connections, and values. In this session you will diagram your networks, discover your core values, and work with the unique skills that you bring to the table to drive change!

Contact me at heather@whelpleyconsulting.com to learn more