Heather offers one-on-one and team coaching to help clients reach their goals, live aligned to their values and increase their effectiveness at work and home. Her coaching approach is formed around three basic beliefs:

  • You have the answers. Her job as a coach is to provoke reflection in order to deepen your learning and take action to create the life you desire.
  • You are a whole person all of the time – physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.
  • An effective coaching experience requires both the coach and the client to commit and fully show up. Heather makes the commitment to be present and show up for you as your coach.



As a corporate trainer and speaker, Heather is a high-energy facilitator adept at engaging audiences large and small. Her sessions are interactive and designed to incite reflection and drive action. Formats range from 60-minute keynote addresses to half-day workshops. In-person and virtual options are available.


  • Working from your position of impact: Align your values, skills, and relationships to maximize the impact you have in the jobs, communities and life.
  • Mindfulness and self-awareness: Utilize meditation and mindfulness practices to develop your emotional intelligence, manage stress, and increase your personal and leadership effectiveness.
  • Maximizing development: How do you increase learning and ROI from development experiences, such stretch roles or cross-functional projects? Targeted at individuals in development experiences or managers leading others in stretch assignments.


Participant a-ha moments from the Hands-On Twin Cities Summit

“How to evaluate your skills and values, combine them and take action.”

“I can use all facets of life to help make a difference. My network is only as big as I let it be.”




Heather’s broad experience in leadership development, talent management, performance management, change management, and human resources business partnering offers her a unique perspective to diagnose challenges in your organization and develop solutions to drive business results. Outcomes may include training programs, process design and improvements, coaching, and team development.