Executive Coaching

Do you want to accelerate the growth of your business? Engage your team members and get them motivated to drive results? I work with leaders to manage through challenging leadership situations and discover the habits and behaviors that will make you successful in business and with your team.

I also have extensive experience in coaching and developing women leaders. I understand the challenges that are more common among women – imposter syndrome, owning your ambition (and the catch-22 of that), finding your voice, taking risks, and managing work within the rest of your life. I coach women one-on-one and manage group development programs for women leaders within organizations.


The ROI of Coaching

A study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource center found that executive coaching was worth, on average, seven times the investment. Coaching is proven to positively impact:

  • Bottom line results such as productivity, quality, retention, and revenue
  • Soft skills such as improved relationships with direct reports and peers, improved teamwork, and less conflict

Coaching produces these results through working with clients to develop a vision and a concrete plan to achieve their goals, identifying what is holding the client back and developing strategies to manage those challenges, and encouraging clients to see new perspectives and business opportunities. Coaching also provides accountability through follow-up and continued forward momentum to drive results.

Contact me at heather@whelpleyconsulting.com to learn more.