About Heather


I am a coach, writer, speaker, photographer, and life adventurer! I work with clients to get out of unsatisfying jobs, create meaningful careers, and fulfill their own potential.

My journey…

I worked in corporate human resources and leadership development for ten years. Even though I enjoyed my job, I always felt like something was a little off. After many years of ignoring that feeling, I started listening to the voice telling me I had a different path to follow and I decided to leave my corporate job and become an entrepreneur.

While I never felt like my life was particularly out of alignment, I now know what in means to be living in alignment. I love my work. My heart soars when a client breaks through their fear or accomplishes a huge goal. But it’s more than that. My creativity is off the charts. I meet amazing new people all the time. I overflow with energy. Friends I’ve known for years comment on how happy I am. Every part of my life is better because I made a career change.

Heather’s Bio

Heather has a master’s degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Minnesota. She is also a graduate of 100+ hours of executive coaching training from the Coaches Training Institute, a Myers-Briggs certified facilitator, a contributor at Thrive Global and host of Destination Soul Shine. She has extensive global experience, including living and working in Australia and Latin America. In addition to coaching, she writes picture books on creativity, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

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