My Journey….

There are two big reasons why I do what I do: 1) I believe every woman deserves to have a life she loves. 2) We need more women’s voices in the world. And not the cookie cutter voices – your true, authentic voice. You know what gets in the way of both of these? Putting constant pressure on ourselves to succeed. Imposter syndrome and doubting our brilliance. Running around like a chicken with your head cut off, completely exhausted and overwhelmed. Holding ourselves to ridiculously high standards and expectations of perfection.

I know this because I see it in my clients, I saw it in the women in my leadership development programs when I worked in corporate – and I experienced it myself. An overachiever since birth, I drove myself hard to always succeed no matter what. I worked way too many nights and weekends, was always the first to volunteer for yet another project, and even suffered from shingles when I was just 30. My inner critic constantly told me that I was behind and needed to work harder to prove myself.

But with practice I started to hear another voice. It was quieter than the inner critic, but it was STRONG. It told me to take a breath, that I was already worthy just for being me – I didn’t have to work to prove it. It nudged me towards starting my business. It pushed me forward when I was scared of being vulnerable and sharing my authentic self with the world. It caught me when I fell and reminded me to keep going.

Listening to my true inner voice over the voice of the inner critic set me on a path where I get to make the rules for my life – and I couldn’t be happier.

Now I get teach what I’ve learned through my own experience and years of working with women as a coach and leadership development expert. I coach women just like you to re-evaluate what’s most important, let go expectations, perfectionism and the inner critic, and define success on your own terms. I’m also writing my first book on this same subject!

What else should you know about me? You’re more likely to find me in hiking boots than heels. I love farmer’s markets and breweries. I’m a Minnesota girl through and through, but I LOVE traveling, whether that’s a trip with my extended family to Acadia National Park or traveling halfway across the world to Vietnam.

Heather’s Bio

Heather has a master’s degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Minnesota. Prior to starting her business she worked for 10 years in human resources at Cargill and Ameriprise, where she led numerous leadership development programs for high-performing women. She is also a graduate of 100+ hours of executive coaching training from the Coaches Training Institute, certified in Myers-Briggs, a facilitator for The BWC (Business Women’s Circles) and a contributor at Thrive Global. She has extensive global experience, including living and working in Australia and Latin America.

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