Own Your Brilliance Program Overview

I get a lot of questions about Own Your Brilliance, my coaching program for women, and I wanted to lay out everything for you in one simple article!


Own Your Brilliance is for you if you ever…

  • Struggle with doubting yourself
  • Stay quiet in meetings even though you have something to say
  • Are told that you need to trust yourself more or have more confidence
  • Find yourself holding back around authority figures
  • Dismiss your success or downplay your achievements
  • Don’t feel like you have the skills or experiences needed, even though you are successful
  • Feel like a fraud or an imposter
  • Hold onto to an idea or project for way too long because it isn’t “perfect” yet

Do you feel like you’re falling short of your potential? Do you want to make a bigger difference and a have higher impact? Do you know there is more inside of you just dying to get out?

This is where Own Your Brilliance comes in! I work with women to get control of the doubting inner critic and start owning your strengths so that you step forward into the life and career you deserve.


By the end of the program you will…

  • Have a toolkit of strategies to manage doubt that you can use for a lifetime
  • Know how to let go of perfectionism, criticism, and the need for praise
  • Increase your confidence and executive presence
  • Understand the unique value you bring – and how to own those strengths to create impact
  • Communicate with strength
  • Have clarity on your vision and purpose
  • Get in touch with your true inner voice and let that guide you instead of the inner critic

The program is 15 weeks and includes 10 small group calls via Zoom and three 1:1 coaching calls with me. There are no more than six women per group, so you will have both time to share on the calls and get the support of an amazing group of women. You will also have access to a library of tools and resources both during and after the program.

Do you want to learn more? Click HERE to schedule a discovery call and we’ll decide together if this is the right program for you. If you don’t see any available times that work for you, email me at heather@whelpleyconsulting.com and we’ll find a time!

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