Monday Moment – Create


I believe that we are all creative. That we have a natural desire to bring new ideas, processes, art, and ways of being into the world.

Sometimes our creativity is highly functional and sometimes it’s just plain fun.

Yesterday my mom and I had a little art session painting tiles with alcohol inks. Even though I view myself as creative, I’ve never seen myself as an artist. I’m flat-out not good at painting and drawing. But the alcohol inks were different. It wasn’t about making anything specific. The alcohol inks had a mind of their own. They swirled uncontrollably and created the shapes and designs you see in the photo. I think I liked watching the paints more than the actual painting itself!

There wasn’t any particular purpose to painting these tiles. But it was fun! And calming. And I felt focused. And it used a different part of my brain.

Take a moment today and create for no reason at all. Bring something into the world just for the fun of it. And enjoy every second.


Heather Whelpley is a writer, photographer, and coach that works with clients to create meaningful careers and fulfill their own potential. See her home page to learn more. Follow Heather on Facebook or Instagram @destinationsoulshine for resources to inspire you to live a meaningful, creative life. 

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