Monday Moment – Embrace


Most of what comes up in my coaching with clients falls into one of two categories: Letting Go and Embracing.

Letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve you, releasing fears that hold you back, moving through the difficult emotions of past experiences.

All of this letting go creates the room to fully embrace. Embrace what makes you amazing. Embrace love, creativity, and wonder. Embrace your goals and dreams.

Letting go and embracing opens possibility. Possibility for a new career, a relationship, or a passion project.

What do you need to let go and embrace this week? Take a moment. Breathe. Feel yourself let go. And then actively embrace. #mondaymoment

More on letting go of old beliefs and embracing new ones on a blog post later this week.

Heather Whelpley is a writer, photographer, and coach that works with clients to create meaningful careers and fulfill their own potential. See her home page to learn more. She is also the host of Destination Soul Shine, a community dedicated to nourishing your soul and making your spirit shine. Like Destination Soul Shine on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @destinationsoulshine for resources to inspire you to live a meaningful, healthy, creative life. 


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