Monday Moment – Open


Last fall was a vulnerable time in my life. I was transitioning into starting my business and managing some challenging feelings on the personal front. There were times that I would suddenly find myself crying and I hardly knew why! I wondered what was wrong with me, why I couldn’t just get a grip. And then I realized – in this time of easy tears, I had also experienced high joy and amazing creativity. Nothing was wrong with me – I was just learning to live open to emotion. Pain might be more apparent, but so are wonder, love, inspiration, laughter, and connection.

So now I seek to live an open life. To delve into vulnerability and feel everything more deeply. To flow with what hurts and also what brings joy.

Take a moment this Monday and open yourself to feel everything you’re feeling. Create a safe space, step into the flow, and let it all move through you. What do you feel?


Heather Whelpley is a writer, photographer, and coach that works with clients to create meaningful careers and fulfill their own potential. See her home page to learn more. She is also the host of Destination Soul Shine, a community dedicated to nourishing your soul and making your spirit shine. Like Destination Soul Shine on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @destinationsoulshine for resources to inspire you to live a meaningful, healthy, creative life. 

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