Monday Moment – Flow


Being in the flow is a different level of energy. You are completely immersed. Lose track of time. Have incredible focus. No ego. You’re just there, doing and being at the exact same time. It’s beautiful. What gets you into the flow? For me, writing, coaching, facilitating, hiking, and great conversations can all put me into flow. But it’s not just the activities – it’s setting myself up to get into flow. I have to put away the phone, focus on just the one activity, and make the intention to be present. And then I can get there. How can you take time this week to pause from multi-tasking and enjoy the flow?


Heather Whelpley is a writer, photographer, and coach that works with clients to create meaningful careers and fulfill their own potential. See her home page to learn more. She is also the host of Destination Soul Shine, a community dedicated to nourishing your soul and making your spirit shine. Like Destination Soul Shine on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @destinationsoulshine for resources to inspire you to live a meaningful, healthy, creative life. 

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