Monday Moment – Bloom


I need spring. I need to know the earth is going to come alive again. I need to smell the soil thawing, see buds emerging from the dirt, and feel sunshine on my face. If you are in a place where this is possible, take a moment today to look at the blooming around you. Appreciate the gentle scent of a flower. Rest in the grass and take a breath. For those of us buried under 18 inches of snow, look at this flower and imagine walking through a blooming garden. Feel the sun. Hear the birds. Put yourself in the place where this is happening. Breathe. It will be here soon.


Heather Whelpley is a writer, photographer, and coach that works with clients to create meaningful careers and fulfill their own potential. See her home page to learn more. She is also the host of Destination Soul Shine, a community dedicated to nourishing your soul and making your spirit shine. Like Destination Soul Shine on Facebook or follow us on Instagram@destinationsoulshine for resources to inspire you to live a meaningful, healthy, creative life. 

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