A Different Perspective on Famous Sights

Seattle Space Needle in Chihuly Glass
Space Needle reflected in Chihuly Glass – Seattle, Washington

Taking pretty pictures is all well and good. The sun rising over the ocean, gardens of bright spring flowers, sweeping mountain vistas – nothing gets more likes on Facebook and Instagram than photos like these. Just a few days ago I spent 90 minutes walking around a frozen lake on the border of Canada enjoying the sunset and attempting (without great success) to get a pretty picture. But what I really love about photography is the unexpected angle – patterns that arise in nature and common objects, shadows that create interesting designs, a unique perspective on a building I see every day. Here is a small collection of those different perspectives.  Each photo is a famous sight from around the world with a twist on the point of view.  Enjoy!

Angkor Wat reflections
Morning reflections at Angkor Wat – Cambodia
Harbor Bridge reflected in the Sydney Opera House - Australia
Harbor Bridge reflected in the Sydney Opera House – Australia
Palais de Justice - Brussels, Belgium
Palais de Justice through a bus stop – Brussels, Belgium
Notre Dame - Paris
Rainy day reflections of Notre Dame – Paris, France
Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
Autumn trees in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool – Washington DC

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